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dangers of gp[hers

There are many dangers associate with pocket gophers. We will cover them here, before we do, we want to state some facts about what is the most dangerous, that is the products the Pest Control Industry pushes.

Those companies that produce these products, sales people, applicators, even those with state Department of Agriculture and Count Extension Offices are all making money off of the public, selling and pushing products that will not work for pocket gophers as they are HERBIVORS!

Those in the industry mislead the public to increase sales. Changing a product label to include another species isn't going to make the product effective, it's only going to keep their incomes flowing. They know their products are ineffective, which is why they call them "control", yet they don't control pocket gophers! To "control" a pocket gopher, you would have to stop them, contain or kill them.

Ask any pest control applicator how many pocket gophers he/she can show you that are actually dead, as in a dead body...you'll get the same answer; they die elsewhere. Unless you see a dead gopher, the gopher is still alive, they've only moved it. When the gopher abandons it's tunnel after a bait or other product is introduced, the gopher will move over a few inches and start a new tunnel causing you additional damages. NEVER BUY THE HYPE! Demand a body or they don't get paid. This goes for all products; flares, baits, gas explosive devices, pellets, noisemakers...everything.

Damages to Foundations

Once a pocket gopher gets underneath any foundation, the structure is now compromised. Homes, pools, roads, ditches, lakes, levees, dams, anything that depends on a foundation, will have damage to it once the gopher removes the soil from underneath it. One that soil is gone, it is nearly impossible to correct the damage, even forcing another material like shotcrete into it. Pools can be destroyed quickly, gophers prefer to den along the walls, without the soil to support the pressure of the water, the walls crack and eventually blow out.


Pocket gophers carry a host of diseases that can be transmitted to domestic animals and to man. Unless you know how to protect yourself and family, we don't suggest that you handle them or their dirt. Even walking through the dirt contaminated by the gophers can be tracked into your home. Most if now all pocket gophers are born with tapeworm, dogs and cats digging or chasing after, eating, can bring the tapeworm into your home as well. You can read more on the diseases on the Diseases page.


Pocket gophers have an incredible bite! Juveniles will defend themselves, just as an adult will. We have been bitten too many times to count and have the scars to prove it. We don't recommend anyone holding or transporting a live pocket gopher or any other rodent, as the possibility of disease transfer, spreading to another area, or bites may happen. Dogs and cats have lost chunks or their lips, noses and tongue from pocket gophers.


While many claims of flooding with a garden hose are all over the Internet and around the local hardware store, the facts are that this doesn't work. You may catch a pocket gopher if it's elderly or a juvenile but you will never reach the den and wipe out the nest. The design of the "pee trap" under your sink came from pocket gophers. These incredibly intelligent rodents keep all water from their dens using air pockets. When using water as your method to get rid of your gophers, keep in mind that as the water is traveling through the tunnel, you are washing away all the urine that is the bonding agent for the tunnels. Additionally, the water will travel into other properties, especially downhill. You do not want to be held legally liable for the damages to homes, property or life. You can over saturate an area of land and hills to the point they will slough off or slide and collapse, taking everything with it. Many times, sink holes will happen. Roads, homes, fields and properties have been destroyed by sinkholes created by pocket gophers. People have even died, so don't do it.


There is SO much bad information on the Internet, local hardware stores, church and from family and friends. We are experts in this field. Before attempting to follow bad advice, waste money, time and educate your pocket gophers, do the right thing and get the right experts to help you. If you're looking for an expert in your area or want a DIY, we can help.


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