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DIY gophersDIY - Help From The Gopher Getters:

There are many of you dealing with pocket gophers, most of you will not have a professional close to you that can help you with your problem. We want to change that.

We've been doing this for a very long time. During these many years, we have watched many professionals in the pest control industry and even those in our own trapping industry rip off the public, sell services and products that will never work on gophers, as well as flat out lie to the public about what they can do, what they know and mostly provide bad information on pocket gophers. This must stop!

There are many who can't afford services because of limited income or you live in a region where we have no PRO-CERT Trained trappers, for those, we offer our DIY products. DVD or step-by-step guide that will help you eliminate your gopher population. There are many on the market but none like The Gopher Getters! Since 1966 the original Gopher Getter was being taught how to trap, track, kill and prevent gophers, how fast gophers would push products from the tunnels and how tunnel abandonment occurs. Since 1966, each day is a work day, a way of life; research, studying behaviors, breeding, lifecycles, social structures, etc.

Pocket gophers have been around for millions of years. These are sophisticated wildlife that can outmaneuver and in most cases, out-think those attempting to kill them. What we provide is knowledge, facts and information you must have in order to understand the behavior, biology, breeding, lifecycle and how to be effective. If someone isn't knowledgeable of how to be successful, they are going to educate their gophers the first time they make a mistake. After that one minor error, catching any gophers will be tougher than pulling your own teeth out with a rusty spoon.

If you would like to order our Do-It-Yourself DVD or Step-By-Step Guide, or both, then e-mail us with your name, address and contact number. We will give you a call and get your order placed. We are working on our shopping cart at the moment and several publications, so this is how we will be doing it for a little while.

Most offering services, DVD's, guides and claiming to be "experts" have been around for less than a decade, the majority of those have stolen content from our sites, changing words here and there, then use as their own. So Buyer Beware! Know who you are doing business with. Research them and ask many questions. If you are going with services, make sure you get a written guarantee that they will show you actual dead gophers. Being told is not the same.



  1. The mounds of dirt are only to push out the dirt from the tunnel construction. Once the gopher seals the tunnel, they're done with it. Trapping at the mound site is wrong! You may catch one young one but you've just educated the rest! Our DVD and Step-By-Step Guide has many facts about trapping, mounding, tracking, etc. It's crucial to know what you're doing.
  2. TRAPS - For those using gopher traps, there are many traps on the market; metal, wooden, plastic, etc. A pocket gopher's sense of smell is so keen that it can detect water through PVC pipe, plants feet and yards from their tunnels. Putting anything with the ability to hold a sent will only educate your gophers and you may kill one but after that, they'll know you're there. Also, stay away from anything that rusts, is painted, varnished, you have to spray or oil, all will tell the gophers you are there. We use only 1 trap. Woodstream Corporations Victor EasySet. You can buy them at most hardware stores. We are now a distributor for them so if you need a large amount, we can get them to you and probably at a lower price. You do not want to be trying to set a trap and have it injure you. We have done testing for trap companies around the world and if they don't meet our standards, are safe, simple to handle, not complicated and a good consumer buy, we will not recommend it! One company didn't like that we didn't back their product years ago - we now see they are using a name too close to ours! So once again, Buyer Beware!
  3. Baiting - poisons are NOT to be used for pocket gophers!!! POCKET GOPHERS ARE HERBIVORES!! When you put these deadly baits into a tunnel (and we have seen some sprinkle it above on lawns, mounds and just anywhere) the gophers push it above to the surface where small children, pets, livestock, wildlife and birds access it. Birds are killed regularly! They fall to the earth and are eaten by our pets and wildlife, then they are killed.
  4. Everyone's an "Expert" on the Internet! - A perfect example is WikiHow. In their description it says, "How to get rid of gophers...". The article is an assortment of many, gleaned information from bad on top of bad. Instead of contacting experts, they are allowing the general public to cause bad information to be loaded up for ratings. Great for them but how about the homeowner that follows their direction using a garden hose and destroys the foundation under his home or pool. Even worse, someone on top of a hillside is flooding and the hillside slides into the homes below! How about the pools? Gophers den under homes and pools, flood those tunnels and what will happen to your pool or your neighbors?? They blow out. Think you won't be held liable? You are wrong!
  5. Pay attention to the information people are providing. Are they pushing toxic products? Even "green" that "control" are useless with pocket gophers. Pocket gophers ONLY eat fresh plants, everything else is ignored or pushed out of the tunnel. While the gophers are pushing these products out and being wasted, those pushing them are making money and your problem doesn't just continue, it gets worse!

If you want more information, it's below. For decades we have been trying to educate the public. For some reason, it's easier for people to believe those who are charging them more, damaging their properties, increasing their gopher population and poisoning their soil and water supply. Arsenic levels are high everywhere, a major ingredient and one of the most used product in the pest control industry. Pocket gophers are NOT mice or rats. Rats, mice, packrats, ground squirrels, squirrels, THEY eat grains, NOT pocket gophers! The ONLY way you will get poisoned grains into a pocket gopher is if you force it down their throat, which wouldn't be possible as the interior mouth structure would close off. Those in the pest control industry really need to stop trying to kill or "control" pocket gophers. They are wildlife. There is a major difference.

  • Poisons and Baits WILL NOT WORK. Ever! Gophers are Herbivores, they eat ONLY materials they harvest that will provide them with high sugars for the energy levels they sustain. The Pest Control Industry WANTS you to continue buying these useless products, why? It's keeping them in business!!! The products they've mislabeled are all for rats and mice which will eat grains. Gophers will NEVER! IMPORTANT: POCKET GOPHERS WILL PUSH EVERYTHING FORIEGN ABOVEGROUND WHERE LIVESTOCK, HORSES, PETS, WILDLIFE, BIRDS AND CHILDREN CAN AND HAVE EATEN AND HAVE BEEN POISONED!!!I have personally seen the horrible pain and deaths of birds and animals from these poisons. So imagine if YOU'VE just shoved a bunch of gopher bait (like millions of pest control applicators) into the tunnels, the gophers push it next door in your neighbors yard, where they have little kids. Those brightly colored baits look like candy to a child and it takes only one. Birds are the biggest "unintended" and "secondary" kills. They eat the grains or corn, take flight and fall to the earth where dogs, cats and wildlife eat, also dying. These should be banned from all markets when it comes to pocket gophers! I've been advocating against these products for years because this is another way to RIP OFF THE PUBLIC!
  • Water will never work! Causing sink holes, washing away existing foundations and soils will do even more damage to your ground, home, pool and property, as well as your neighbors, roads, etc. Pocket gophers have been around since the dawn of time, they adapt and learn. They way they design their dens and tunnels, you will never be able to flood out and kill their babies tucked away safe inside their warm nest madesinkholes and gophers from your plants and grass.
  • Poison gas is the one of the most insane ideas and is responsible for the deaths of humans, including children. Pocket gophers will always tunnel underneath your homes, they prefer to den under the bathtub! Shoving toxic gas pellets into their tunnels will bring that deadly gas into your home through the porous holes in the walls and concrete.
  • Explosive devices are by far the most reckless! Unless you have X-ray vision, NEVER try this method!! Fires, destruction of homes, foundations, underground utility lines, water and sewer pipes, concrete and roads have been destroyed by these devices. Additionally, keep in mind that while you're having a great time pumping gas into the tunnels below, the gophers have already blocked off the tunnels and have escaped into your neighbors yard. Not to worry, they'll be back soon enough. They'll visit you much more than your local police after you spark that a couple times. If you're real lucky you'll only get a warning. You'll be even more fortunate if you don't end up in the hospital, as there are lots of rocks underneath your feet. Imagine how you're going to explain to a doctor how you've lost your family jewels. The gas you're putting into that closed air system, especially one that has been sealed off by the gophers, will cause the same explosion and damage as dynamite. USE COMMON SENSE! These are NEVER TO BE USED AROUND HOMES OR STRUCTURES. If you do this near any structures, keep in mind that gopher tunnels intersect for miles (LITERALLY) and you do NOT want to have anyone in your home or neighbors burned or killed because of your desperation.
  • Noisemakers - I'm going to break this down for you quickly: If a pocket gopher creates a den UNDERNEATH a loud air conditioning unit, pool equipment and other loud machinery. So looking at these devices...the sound they make is so faint that it will never make it through the soil and even if you insert it into the tunnel, it does nothing. I have hundreds of photos where the gophers have pulled them into their tunnels and dens, or continued tunneling around them. Don't waist your time and money. Oh and of all my customers that have bought these....NOT ONE EVER GOT THEIR MONEY BACK!
  • Chewing gum, gopher purge, broad cloth, chicken wire, other "gopher barriers" and the rest; please, please use your brains! A gopher can chew gum as well as we can, they have molars and love the stuff. I find piles in their food storage areas all the time. There isn't one plant on the planet that won't kill a gopher. They don't eat marigolds but they will pull them below for den material. Barriers will not work, gophers can chew through wires, chip away at concrete and through PVC. Don't bother concreting your boxes, gophers are just as agile aboveground as below and have no problems climbing up and foraging.

So now, let's get to what will work.gophers and sewer lines

Our methods have been passed down for 6 generations, perfected throughout the years. In our DIY Video and Manual, it is not just an instruction sheet with details on "how to set a trap" or a video that wastes your time with the same thing everyone knows.

Our information is very specific but in clear, concise and easy to understand dialog so you will be successful. This is specific to residential problems only. You will learn how to spot dens, active vs abandoned tunnels, how to predict babies being born and how to stop the population from increasing. You will learn how to prep, handle, set and safely handle the remains and equipment. You will also learn how to keep yourself, family and pets from illness and injuries. We will never waste your time or intelligence with suggesting worthless products! You will learn is what our family and crews have been doing for decades, successfully!

You are not required to buy one, the other or both. It's up to each individual to choose what they want. I will say that watching the video and following along with the Technical Manual, while completing the tests, will give you success.

When it comes to pocket gophers, you will have only one chance to get it right as they are adaptive rodentia. If you fail, leave a scent, make too much noise or don't follow the instructions correctly, you will have a terrible time later on. There is so much more to gophers than just a simple fix. If it were easy, the population wouldn't be out of control as it is.

If you would like to order a DIY DVD, Technical Manual or the set, please use the contact form and I'll send you the information. Our online store is nearly complete and then you will be able to make your purchases quickly. If you want to place your order now, we can process your credit cards over the phone and ship directly to you.


If you are looking for PRO-CERT Training or to purchase large quantities of equipment, please utilize the same form. You will need to include your EIN# and Business License and don't forget your e-mail, company's URL and contact numbers. If you're having any issues using the form, please click here.



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