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goverment propertiesThe Gopher Getters is a State Vendor and is available to help you with your gopher problems.

  • Government facilities
  • Regional agencies
  • Municipal buildings
  • Parks and recreational areas
  • Historic monuments, buildings and properties
  • Community centers
  • Schools and colleges
  • Airports
  • Port facilities
  • Military bases and schools
  • Correctional institutions
  • Highways and railroads
  • Wildlife preserves and forestry areas
  • Federal and Trust lands
  • Housing and surplus properties
  • Law Enforcement and EMR/PDC
  • Post offices
  • Bankruptcy/Trustee properties
  • Undeveloped land
  • Dams, levees, canals, lakes and waterways

If you have your own dedicated maintenance crews you want trained, we can provide these training classes, as well as service.

Pocket gophers will destroy PVC lines, controller boxes, lawns, landscaping, underground utilities, foundations underneath buildings, roads, highways, runways, parks, sidewalks and everything in-between.

The one thing you don't want is to have someone get injured on your property! When pocket gophers have been chased around for long periods of time using pest control products, the ground get's hollowed out and will begin to cave in when gophers have abandoned the tunnel system. Many have stepped into these tunnels and sustain serious injuries.

Having your property gopher-free will protect the public, keep you in good standing with your community and help keep vector borne diseases down. When populations get out of control, there is an increases in diseases and it is likely it will spread into neighboring areas.

Contact our office today to get more information on how we can get your property looking great again!



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