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guarantee gopher

Our guarantee has been the same for decades:

We are 100% green, environmentally safe/friendly, chemical free, no poisons, no water, no gas, no flares, no gum, nothing that wastes money or time!

We guarantee that everything we trap will either be dead or removed. We will only use traps, we will never bait or use anything but gopher traps. We will work as quickly and efficiently as possible and while some properties may be completed in a few weeks, others may take longer but we will work hard to clear your property as quickly as possible.

Honesty and Integrity is EVERYTHING to The Gopher Getters! This is hard work, especially in the heat and sun. Know that we want your property cleared and gopher-free, however, if your property was allowed to become infested, it may take some time. You need to be realistic and we will be honest with you throughout the entire process.

If you have a large property (1+ acres) that is overrun with pocket gophers, have dogs in the yard, horses, have limited access or other factors that slow the process, please be patient. This is tough work and we need your full cooperation to get the job done.

We will not guarantee any job where someone has violated our contract and tampered with our traps, applied any products, water, gas, flares, gum or anything they deem will help. Once we start working, you must step aside and allow us to do the job. If traps are tampered with or missing, you must pay for the traps.

Schroeder's Cat:

You'll see a dead gopher when dealing with The Gopher Getters. The pest control industry wants you to believe that their products will kill pocket gophers but they won't. Their use of the word "control" is misleading and there is NO control whatsoever! Chasing a gopher from one area to another is by no means "control". Once the product is dissipated, the gopher returns, bringing all the babies with it.

Pocket gophers are NOT mice or rats. Applying pest control products for pocket gophers, which are HERBIVORES, is wrong. An Herbivore eats only raw, fresh roots and plants. They will never eat baits, as those are grains and dead.

Any industry that deliberately mislabels products in order to make money off of unsuspecting public is fraudulent and should be stopped.



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There are individuals in many locations illegally using our trademark deliberately misleading the public and committing fraud. If you are contacted or make contact with anyone who is using the name Gopher Getter in any form or variation, please contact our office with their contact information. We are actively pursuing each of these individuals. Please realize that these individuals are intentionally creating advertising, web pages and marketing materials using our graphics, verbiage and name. Our company has never used any chemicals, poisons, baits, gas, explosive devices, noisemakers, gum, water or other useless products. The Gopher Getters is a Woman-Owned Company, the Owner is Sandra Seino and everyone associated with this company will carry certification. BUYER BEWARE! You will NOT have our Guarantee, Results or Knowledge when going through others.