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Landscaping and gophers

Pocket gophers can destroy all landscaping within days. Desert, lawn, plants, trees, can all be chewed through and eaten. The urine the gophers produce also will soak into the open roots and burn those plants.

Irrigation; pvc, drip, soaker, irrigation tape and control box wiring also is commonly destroyed from the pocket gophers. These animals have been around for million or years and have adapted perfectly. Humans are continually feeding them, providing them with water, safe havens to den and reproduce, as well as travel.

For Landscapers, many will come into a property and simply kick down or remove the soil. When this is done, you are simply removing the evidence of the pocket gophers. Now, the gophers are able to run below the surface without obstructions. The gopher population increases continually and the only time you will notice any activity is typically when a new generation is born or a large male is pursuing a new female for breeding and he needs to enlarge her tunnel.

Homeowners are left upset over the loss of their landscaping, continually shelling out money for replacements, to no end...because the gophers are still under the surface. With each new plant, the gophers graciously accept and devour the roots, pregnant females use the entire plant for nesting materials.

REMEMBER: If you remove the dirt mounds, you're making the gophers invisible and able to reproduce quickly and cause more damages. You don't want to lose your accounts because your customer thinks you or your employees are causing damages!

If you know of a customer that has pocket gophers and needs help, please give them our name and information.

We are happy to pay you for any referrals you send our way.

By allowing us to help your customers, you will be the one they will appreciate the most for getting the problem solved.


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