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Since 1966, 100% GREEN



Dealing with a monster pocket gopher problem. Are your crops, irrigation, farmland and canals being wiped out? Are your livestock being injured from stepping into gopher tunnels? I want to help you.

I'm a Farmer's Daughter, raised in Gila Bend, Arizona, where working hard from sunup to sundown is the norm. I started learning how to correctly track, trap and prevent new gophers from entering areas back in 1966. I've been trapping pocket gophers ever since using those methods and techniques my father taught me, which I have passed down through generations and now onto those in Agriculture, Irrigation Companies, Schools, Government and other large properties that have their own dedicated staff already in place.

Gila Bend Arizona

My folks taught me the value of hard work. I also understand that if you're not doing something right, then you're wasting your time and money. I promise the training we provide is not a waste of your time, it is also going to save you lots of money. So what makes our services different from others?

  1. We never use baits, chemicals, poisons, only traps, because they work.
  2. We teach your workers how to track gophers by scent, mound identification, biology, breeding, behavior, lifecycle and much more.
  3. We show your workers how to stay safe, avoid bites and injuries, avoid contracting any vector borne diseases.
  4. Your workers will also learn how to keep new gophers from entering your property.
  5. You will be able to get equipment at wholesale pricing, regardless of the amount of traps. (Min order is 250 for free delivery)
  6. Your workers will always have an open line of communication if ever there are questions.

I want to help your farm stop wasting money and take back control of your farm. You will find that my training classes are specific, I communicate clearly, work side-by-side in your fields with your workers and showing them how to use our methods, knowledge and techniques, in a fun and relaxed setting. I want your workers to enjoy this new training and in keeping them energized and excited, they will get the job done incredibly fast! I always recommend great contests for the workers that trap the most each month. The money your farm will save just on those useless baits alone, you can send them on vacations and more!

Unfortunately, I still see farms, vineyards, golf courses and other major properties neglecting their property when it comes to the gophers. By not handling these highly reproductive rodentia, you're allowing the population to get out of control, to do more damage. If you work for a large property and want to take advantage of our PRO-CERT Training, let your farm know or contact us and provide your farms information and the name of someone to talk with. We are happy to pay for all referrals, especially yours!

Our PRO-CERT Training classes are held at your location, for you and your employees, and your neighbors who may want to join in on eliminating and preventing this most destructive rodent. The more that attend, the more free labor on your farm. It's a great way to get more done in a short amount of time. Best of all, you will never have to pay for anymore poisons, baits, useless gadgets and gimmicks. Your employees will be eliminating all of your gophers and you will actually see dead gophers.

gopher damage

PRO-CERT Training is available for professionals that handle large properties like agriculture, golf courses, schools and large property developments. PRO-CERT means that all that attend for the entire course and complete all training, tests and field work, are presented with our field manual and professional training certificate, to be used only in the work they are currently providing. PRO-CERT doesn't mean they can also give training, go into business for themselves or compete, but it does give them the proof of knowledge that will allow them to work as a certified professional in the line of work they currently do. An example, you send an employee to a class and he gets certified and a neighboring farm needs help, he can assist them as well, as long as the employer is fine with that.

irrigation tape and gophers

The training is extensive, on location and those in attendance are taught hands-on everything they will need to know to conduct successful gopher elimination for their properties. You or your employees will learn and comprehend the biology, behavioral sciences, gestation, equipment preparation, handling, tracking, what works and won't, health and safety, how to have precise kills and prevention - to keep new gophers from coming into the property again.

agriculture and gophers

There are many individuals that can trap pocket gophers but our techniques have been used for over 100 years and so precise, we guarantee that you or your workers will be successful. One recent class in California for example, I was told they were spending over $10,000.00 per month on baits and never say decline in the population. During the PRO-CERT Training Class, within the first days, each in attendance were killing several each, by the end of the class. All are now killing 60 or more daily. They had already cleared out the 2 sections of land they turned into one organic tomato field and were moving throughout the other farm areas of over 10k acres. I'm thrilled for their success and new control over the rodents that plagued them for many years. Those workers were incredible and fun to work with and I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside them.

Ag and gophers

STOP wasting your money on USELESS BAITS, TOXINS and POISONS. Pocket Gophers are HERBIVORES and will never eat it, instead, they push it to the surface where birds and other animals eat and die.


gopher traps

Our training is affordable and for many, less than one load of the useless bait you've been purchasing for years. This PRO-CERT Training will give you or your employees the ability to stop throwing away that hard earned money and keep it where it belongs. Those that have the training at their location also benefit from buying their equipment through our account, saving you thousands!! When booking, a satellite inspection is done to determine your personal situation, I will then recommend the amount of equipment that will be needed at a minimal. You can choose to go through your local stores or benefit from what I offer, which is prices from the 1980's. It takes time to have them ordered and shipped to your location, so timing is crucial.

trapping gophersThe best part?


100% Non-toxic, green, safe for ALL ORGANIC FARMS!

The only thing we kill is pocket gophers, using Victor EasySet Gopher Traps made by Woodstream Corp.,, which are easy to use, even for those with small and arthritic hands. Nothing complicated and they don't rust, are reusable for years. We are now a Distributor for Woodstream Corp., and proud to offer your farm or large property major discounts when you purchase your traps through us. When you schedule your class, we will need to order your traps at a minimum of 2 weeks in advance, so they are delivered in time for the training.

Don't delay, let's get your PRO-CERT Training scheduled today! Keep in mind that your gopher population is continuing to grow, making the work take longer.

While I will sell traps and other equipment to businesses, I stress that unless you take the course we offer, all the traps in the world will do you no good if you don't handle them right, know our methods and follow our directions.

GopherClasses are limited and fill up quickly. We travel Nationwide, to Canada and if you're outside of these two locations, we will still be able to help you.

Thank you and I look forward to helping you in the future.

Sandra Seino, Owner and Founder



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