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pocket gophers

First of all, if you are considering buying a home or property, most inspectors do NOT inspect for Pocket Gophers. Additionally, there is nothing on the Inspection Reports that mentions Pocket Gophers. What does this mean? UNLESS the seller discloses the gopher issues of the past, you will have no idea as to the possible gopher population, damages to the foundation of walls, homes, pools and other structures. Until the state laws change to include the most destructive creature, you will have no idea what you may be getting into.

Most times when a home is being sold, landscapers will professionally groom the yard, replace dead plants, and the property is fixed up cosmetically, including patching and paint.

If you aren't from an area that has pocket gophers and you don't know how destructive they can be, you may also go into a purchase without knowing damages and costs to eliminate these rodents.

[Photo below: Irrigation company refused to replace main water line, instead they would throw concrete and asphalt on it, then bury. In a short time, flooding into the house, under the house, under the pool, and underneath the road would happen.]

gopher damage

It's always important to have as much information on any purchases.

There are three things harmful to a home when dealing with pocket gophers.

  1. Homeowner
    1. The homeowner will always panic when it comes to pocket gophers. Running to the hardware store. The homeowner will throw anything they can find at the gophers, without using common sense. Many will read endless garbage online, others will find books or try things the neighbors or others tell them. In most if not all cases, time is wasted and money.
    2. Many times, a homeowner will shove a garden hose into the tunnel in an attempt to flood out the gophers, this will never work. If lucky, an old or juvenile will surface but you will never flood the den. Once the water is dissipated, the gophers will be moving the soil to the surface again. Essentially causing more damage.
    3. Exhaust, flares, and any other products will not work as a pocket gophers sense of smell is keen. By the time you've stepped onto your lawn and their ceiling, they already know you're there. The gophers are already on alert and can exit that tunnel system in seconds. The tunnel is blocked and sealed off, this leaves major scarring and damages to lawns. The gophers will move over a few inches and create a new tunnel. This recurrent practice causes "honeycombing" of the ground and foundation. Additionally, those gasses and toxic/deadly gasses will travel through tunnels along pipes and into homes. This method doesn't work.
  2. A HOA and their employees
    1. HOA's have a long history of ignoring their own legal responsibility for the properties they are being paid to maintain. They're happy to charge for their fee's, write rules and enforce them. When it comes to pocket gophers, we see these HOA's send out their employees, in response to our calls, and we have watched them knock down the gopher mounds. Out of sight - out of mind, right? No! If there are gophers coming into your property from theirs, which they are being paid to maintain, then they are legally responsible for the damages to your property, if the gophers are found to be traveling into yours from theirs. A court will see one party doing all the work and paying the costs to eliminate the problem, while the other doesn't do anything, you can then seek restitution.
  3. Pest Control Operators
    1. The majority of Applicators have never taken any wildlife or trapping training. They know nothing about this rodent. They buy into the lies perpetrated by their industry and suppliers. The products they use will NEVER eliminate your gopher population, simply chase them from one spot to another. Once the products have dissipated, they return with all their young. This typically happens every three weeks. The Homeowner continually shells out money for something that is causing more damages and increasing the population.
    2. Pocket Gophers are HERBIVORES - they will NEVER eat ANY baits! Don't let them lie to you. Additionally, if you are considering hiring anyone, get a WRITTEN GUARANTEE that they will physically SHOW YOU A DEAD GOPHER. They won't. They Can't! The Gopher Getters does!
    3. Poison and deadly gas: Stay clear of anyone using this method. Gopher tunnels travel for miles, intersecting with many mates and generations. Those deadly gasses can permeate through concrete and poison your family, as it has in the past.
    4. Explosive devices/gas: See #3 and Pocket Gophers den underneath bathtubs, homes, basements, swimming pools, etc. The damages from these methods have caused utility damages, fires and injuries.

Many times the homeowner will always panic when it comes to pocket gophers. Running to the hardware store. The homeowner will throw anything they can find at the gophers, without using common sense. When they arrive to the hardware store, they will find every deadly poison, gas, flare and the rest of the useless products at eye-level. The gopher traps are usually near the floor. Why? Those store owners, marketers and those selling those products know they make money. People buying those products will go back till the end of time trying to kill their gopher population. Unfortunately, they are making it worse. Like rats; once they learn as in the term "bait shy", pocket gophers will detect you quickly or those working for you. The only way to win over your pocket gophers is to do it right the first time.

If you want to learn everything you need to know to be successful in trapping and killing your pocket gophers, then you need this DIY DVD or Manual. This will give you all the knowledge so that you can be successful and never have to pay for services from anyone again.

If you prefer to have someone else trap for you, give us a call and we will fit you into our schedule. Generally, it takes approximately 4 weeks to do most properties. It depends on the population and size of the property.

4 Weeks? Yes!

While Pest Control companies will quote small fees, multiply those prices for months and years, because that's what you'll be looking at. You won't see any dead gophers, you'll only hear their stories of how the gophers "die inside the tunnels" or "get chased off".

The Gopher Getters comes in and installs traps, all underground, without any baits of any kind. The three remaining visits are for trapping and starting the prevention services we provide, that no one else does.

Our methods are unique, we have been doing the same thing for many generations and it works! Give us a call today and let us get your property looking like a yard again.




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