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Our History:

The Owner:

Why do we do what we do:

Why we're different:


Our History:

Our family has been trapping pocket gophers for generations and have passed our protected knowledge on, keeping true to the methods that have been successful every time for many years.

From early Pioneers and Farmers, we know the importance of immediately killing these incredibly destructive rodents, and correcting damages to crops, fields, ditches, dams. It is crucial to protect foundations from further destruction and erosion.

Trapping pocket gophers is very difficult work. Jumping on shovels, kneeling, digging, insects, snakes, heat and long hours make the days long. We have always strived to work hard, fast and be reasonable with our pricing. Most times we are able to clear properties quickly, occasionally, some properties have been ignored for too long and it does take additional time. For those who want to d other work on their own, we are happy to train, with signed non-compete and disclosures. The work we provide to everyone globally; trapping, teaching, testing, consulting and assisting in research, it's not just one persons reputation, it's our entire family's! Our integrity is important. We care about our customers and the public. We are passionate about what we know and when we see businesses misleading, lying, taking advantage of or ripping off the public, we will do our part to protect the consumer and public, especially with health and safety is a concern.


The Owner:

The Gopher Getters was started and is owned by Sandra Seino. Her father, Milo still assists in many ways and he is still trapping at 84 years young! Her son Brandon is also a master expert and works in the field, trains and works on our training series. She loves the work she does and has taught another generation her techniques successfully. Her grandson also loves trapping, photographing the gophers and Gopher Getterexplaining to people how destructive gophers are, as well as why they have to be killed.

As a young child, Sandy rode along with her father on his Honda Trail 90, on top of the red wooden box where gopher traps and tools were kept. Daily trapping was necessary to kill pocket gophers on their large commercial farm where lettuce, melons, cotton, alfalfa and sugar beets were grown.

Early on, some products had been tested but it was clear none of those products would work on pocket gophers as they are Herbivores and eat only fresh roots and plants. Daily work, experiments and research proved completely that the only way to be successful in clearing any property is by trapping and killing them. Over the decades, we have perfected our methods that we guarantee that we are 100% green, bait-free, non-toxic and you will actually see a dead gopher.

Honda Trail 90

The Gopher Getters provide a variety of services, from residential to PRO-CERT Training for large properties and agriculture, where already established employees can be trained for success at their location. Sandy is a writer, has published many documents on this topic, including a new DIY for residential. They have provided testing and findings on products being sold to the public for pocket gophers, regarding public safety, reliability and if it actually works. A public speaker and trainer, they are able to clearly communicate with those during training courses and also on a personal level. They enjoy working side-by-side with trainees, to ensure continuing success. Our experts travel globally to provide PRO-CERT Training.


Why do we do what we do:

Recently, while in California providing training for a large commercial farm, Sandy was shown some irrigation tape and asked, "What can you do with this and how can you keep the gophers from chewing through this?"

Her response, "That's easy, kill them all!"

irrigation tape

While killing pocket gophers may seem to be an impossible task, it isn't. When you know the correct way, then you will be successful. Its not just about shoving a trap into the ground, there's so much more. Pocket gophers are unlike any other species. Many confuse a pocket gopher with a ground squirrel, they very different. A pocket gopher is an incredibly intelligent rodent, adaptive and able to think logically, typically outsmarting it's prey, including humans. What we know and teach, starts with the basics, biology, lifecycle and through to behavioral sciences and what works-why and what doesn't. During this coursework we move into tracking and detection, proper handling, health and safety, even prevention. This work and knowledge is unique and is being used with great success. This isn't a simple afternoon class you might attend at a hardware store, this is an in-depth 5-7 day training course. Those taking advantage of our PRO-CERT Training also benefit from major discounts on equipment, as we are distributors for the manufacturer.

Unfortunately, pocket gophers are a species that must be killed, they cannot be relocated due to the diseases and possibility of spreading or outbreaks, such as plague. Humans and pocket gophers cannot exist together, not if you are eating anything from the earth. Pocket gophers have existed for millions of years for a reason, they're smart and they're continually adapting to it's environment. Luckily, they can be trained. For instance, when we go into a property that needs cleared of pocket gophers, some will be killed, and our specific methods will keep new ones from returning. It's a very important part of the process, one most never do or know about.

foundation damages from gophers

Why we're different:

We know that the only true method to completely eradicate pocket gophers is by trapping; without baits, lures of any kind. We have perfected our methods handed down through generations, enabling us to guarantee the work we do, as well as out PRO-CERT Training. Instead of suggesting worthless products or ideas, we actually perform and prevent new gophers from entering your property.


Instead of dragging out our services like many companies do to keep you paying, we work as fast as possible to get your job done. We want your property to be gopher free asap. We would prefer having your letter of recommend or stamp of approval, over anything else. Typically, we can have a standard property clear within 4 visits. After the first and second visits, you're property shouldn't look like it has any gophers. Grass will start to grow back immediately after the gophers have been killed.

gophers in lawn

Call today and schedule your service or PRO-CERT Training Class.



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There are individuals in many locations illegally using our trademark deliberately misleading the public and committing fraud. If you are contacted or make contact with anyone who is using the name Gopher Getter in any form or variation, please contact our office with their contact information. We are actively pursuing each of these individuals. Please realize that these individuals are intentionally creating advertising, web pages and marketing materials using our graphics, verbiage and name. Our company has never used any chemicals, poisons, baits, gas, explosive devices, noisemakers, gum, water or other useless products. The Gopher Getters is a Woman-Owned Company, the Owner is Sandra Seino and everyone associated with this company will carry certification. BUYER BEWARE! You will NOT have our Guarantee, Results or Knowledge when going through others.