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BEFORE you start construction, have The Gopher Getters come in and clear out the pocket gopher population. It will keep you in good relations with the neighbors and help the new community keep new pocket gophers from entering.

Our methods are like no others. Our family has been trapping for over 100 years, doing it the correct way every time.

Instead of giving you empty promises and nothing to show for the money you pay out, The Gopher Getters will show you actual pocket gophers, dead ones! Dead gophers will never come back, breed, eat, chew, gnaw, dig, tunnel or bother anyone again.


If you have people on your property, the public or employees, the one thing you don't want is injuries. Keeping your property maintained on top is great, below is just as important. Stepping into a gopher tunnel can break bones, avoid any problems by having your pocket gophers eliminated by The Gopher Getters. We only use traps, never bait, are successful and happy to show you or send you a photo of each and every kill to your cell phone or e-mail.

commercial properties HOA's Property Management

If your company already has it's own maintenance department then why should you have to pay for someone to come out over and over just to apply useless products that will never eliminate your pocket gopher population?

Schools, HOA's, Airports, Irrigation Companies, Shopping Centers, etc.

When we train your employees, your company will:

  • Never have to hire any pest control company again
  • Never have to pay for any useless baits, poisons or products
  • See immediate results
  • Have the rights to train future employees after obtaining PRO-CERT Certification
  • Stop landscaping damages
  • Eliminate costly repairs on irrigation systems
  • Stop water loss, erosion and foundation damages
  • Eliminate potential legal liabilities
  • Benefit from purchasing equipment at deep discounts not available to the public

If you would like professional gopher elimination and prevention services, we can help you. Please contact us today and we will quickly schedule your property. As soon as we start, you will immediately see improvements in the property. Additionally, we will have visual proof of every kill.

Please utilize our contact form and provide us with the entire property acreage, details on the length of time you've had activity, how much activity you've had and any damages you're aware of. If you are interested in having PRO-CERT Training for your workers, please make sure we know this in your correspondence.



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There are individuals in many locations illegally using our trademark deliberately misleading the public and committing fraud. If you are contacted or make contact with anyone who is using the name Gopher Getter in any form or variation, please contact our office with their contact information. We are actively pursuing each of these individuals. Please realize that these individuals are intentionally creating advertising, web pages and marketing materials using our graphics, verbiage and name. Our company has never used any chemicals, poisons, baits, gas, explosive devices, noisemakers, gum, water or other useless products. The Gopher Getters is a Woman-Owned Company, the Owner is Sandra Seino and everyone associated with this company will carry certification. BUYER BEWARE! You will NOT have our Guarantee, Results or Knowledge when going through others.